Tuva Larsson

My Memoirs

My Memoirs is an autobiographical publication that explores identity online and memories in the digital age.

By retrieving all data available about myself on the internet, from a total of twelve different third-party services, such as Facebook and Google, I have created a database of my digital footprints and based on that data I have recreated the story of my life. An autobiography in which each spread of the book represents one month of my life, from when I was born until today, using content from my database dated from that month. Some spreads are content-heavy, others more sparse and some are empty.

My aim has been to explore my digital footprints and what version of me emerges through them, to reflect on the difference between data and memories, who my internet persona truly belongs to, and that the online version may live on for longer than my physical self.

In an age of increased online presence and standardised data storage of third-party services on the internet, I have also asked myself the question: How do you take control over your past? Do I still have the opportunity to choose what I want to remember, or do I have to remember everything?

Thanks to

Martin Frostner

Sophia Wood