Leonard Ekenberg


I have examined the relationship between sound, image and identity.

If you want to release music today, you need to think about how you choose to present yourself physically. Anyone, who in any way wants to reach out to the public must first accept that what they do is filtered by how they look. 

These are conditions that apply to everyone who appears in the media, no matter what they do, and further demands are made on artists, at the same time as artists have a greater freedom to play with identity: You can be a Dua Lipa and constantly change your appearance, or be a Burial and be totally anonymous. But even the anonymous artist is something, and I wanted to try to create an artist who, instead of being something, is nothing. Like God.

The investigation of these subjects has resulted in what is intended to be a series of records under the name Klangfärg.

I have created the graphic identity and the music simultaneously, to see how they affect each other.

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