Jonna Lindberg

Vad gjorde du Om inte jag fanns

My dad is a truck driver and when I was little I often joined him at work. It was among the best things I knew. In my degree project, I travel back to my childhood, and to some of the trucks and truck terminals that I have visited. It is an attempt to remember, and to capture these fragmentary memories.

When I was born, both my mother and father were 20 years old. Not at all unusual in Hallstavik, a small working class village in Roslagen, just a short distance from where my maternal grandma and grandpa live. Dad got a job at grandpa’s trucking company, and thus began his long working life as a truck driver. Joining my dad at work quickly becomes my favourite way to spend time together. We bring packed lunches, listen to audio books, and talk. Then we help each other inside the terminal.

In Vad gjorde du Om inte jag fanns, I travel back to these places, to my childhood, and show these fragments of my memory through an illustrated story. I want to convey the feeling of excitement of getting a glimpse of an adult world and express the intense urge to to be a part of, to belong to my dad’s world, to feel grown up, but at the same time also feel so very small.

My degree project is an attempt to see myself from the outside, and to try to understand how these memories may have shaped me as an adult. By building and visualising these environments, I hope to understand myself, and the child in me, even better.

Thanks to

Eric Rösmark

Amanda Jonsson

Linn Bredberg

Nakima Ackerhans Schreiber

Sophia Wood

Martin Frostner


Jonna Lindberg

Vad gjorde du Om inte jag fanns