Eric Rösmark


My grandmother’s brother, Per Rösmark, was born in 1936 in Råneå, Norrbotten, and was active as an artist. Per was extremely productive during his life and left behind a huge amount of art. Although I have never met Per, he has always been present, both in conversations and on the walls.

Rötter is a visual examination and documentary of Per Rösmarks’s art. It is an attempt to get to know a person through a design process, making an artistic collaboration, connecting our related practices.

The story that the project speaks of is the one I have encountered along the way by interviewing my closest connections to Per, documented through an oral history research. The works shown through the project are a selection of all that Per has left behind.

Thanks to

Anders Rösmark

Jonna Lindberg

Lena Unander-Scharin

Lisa Ehlin

Martin Falck

Per Rösmark

Sophia Wood

Stefania Malmsten