Maria Nyholm


In my degree project, I have explored and experimented with the sustainable, ancient, architectural material mud and investigated how I can apply the material in a new way spatially.

Unfired clay is overlooked as a material even though it has great potential as a sustainable and circular building material. This fact, in combination with my previous interest in ceramics and pottery clay and its possibilities in expression, are important parts to why I've chosen to work with this project. I want to present clay in a new way, with the aim that more people will discover the material.

The goal of my degree project Lergjord (Clay-made) is to try to find out if I can apply this traditional architectural method and material, in the room. Through learning, exploration and experimentation, I have tried to answer this. The process itself has been part of the goal.

The focus has been to take the traditional method of wattle and daub further, and to make it my own, working with round soft shapes and through experimenting with surface treatments, textures, patterns and colours. I have let the process determine if the end result will be an exhibit of my exploration and/or a finished product.

Thanks to

Ekologiska Byggvaruhuset
Johannes Riesterer