Lina Blass


Assembly is the result of an exploratory work of a historical, so-called self-supported, construction in furniture design. To highlight the fact that screws, adhesives and fittings are not always necessary in quality furniture.

Questions that have driven me in my work are: (1) Can self-supporting design reduce the need for these extra components? (2) Can a self-supporting construction be an option in commercial furniture design? (3) Is it a viable alternative to create flat pack furnitures with quality materials?

With the help of the furniture manufacturer Karl Andersson och Söner, I have had the opportunity to produce prototypes where these principles have been tested and thus gained a deeper understanding of the requirements and standards that are set by the furniture industry.

The shelf Assembly is made of Swedish alder, using the self-supporting principle, and is secured by eccentric rods. The shelf comes as a tool-free kit, and can be assembled and disassembled without screws, glue or other fittings.

Thanks to

Karl Andersson och Söner