About the show

The Beckmans Journey

What’s unique about Beckmans? That is a question I get sometimes. The answer is: its small size (only 123 students), its industry connections, its eminent teachers, its real design projects (call it case studies if you will) and the fact that our education is founded on an artistic basis. And then the creative students of course — who are now checking out as designers.

Education at Beckmans College of Design can be likened to a journey full of new impressions, acquaintances, experiences, knowledge and mistakes. Mistakes are important. To make mistakes, to redo, and end up right. During the Beckmans passage, the students have acquired an education through which theory and practice keep company, where analogue craft has as much of an obvious place as digital, and where the students’ own imagination and the art of thinking differently, is necessary.

In this year’s degree show, Formation, we show the work of students who have completed their bachelor’s education at one of Beckmans College of Design’s three programmes: Form, Fashion, Visual Communication. Beckman’s Journey has contributed with the tools with which the discoverers have found their own design process and shaped themselves into designers. And now everyone has reached that destination. The school itself has also reached a terminus, because from the autumn term we are at a new address: AGA Lidingö.

Thank you and good luck!

Karina Ericsson Wärn
Vice-Chancellor Beckmans College of Design